Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mold Design and Plastic Part Manufacturing Service by VctiTech

About VctiTech Mold Design and Plastic Part Manufacturing Service

VctiTech, electronic manufacturing company, has strategic alliances throughout the mold and plastic parts industry. Our partners have been handpicked to offer the highest standards and best match for your technology and industry requirements. We offer complete project management of all your prototype needs, from parts procurement to fabrication and assembly – a complete turnkey solution.

Our Services Includes, but not limited to

  • Plastic mold
  • rapid prototype
  • CNC Machining
  • Precision custom injection molding
  • Insert molding and over-molding
  • Standard driven Quality Systems
  • Engineering and design support
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Mold design build and maintenance
  • Decorating of plastic parts
  • Assembly
  • Excellent correspondences 

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We have developed and produced plastic part for products range from Electronics, automotive industry, plastic packaging, medical equipment and more. Request a fast quote today!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Electronic Circuit Design and Electronic Design with Electronic Manufacturing Service

Electronic Schematic Design
VctiTech manage electronic product related design and electronic manufacturing service, including but not limited to electronic circuit design, electronic design and electronic product manufacturing. We work with analog, digital, electrical engineers for different electronic circuits with state of the art facilities to make sure your project will be completed as expected with quality and reliability.

About VctiTech Electronic Circuit Design and Electronic Design

We have manage many time demanding projects such as electronic design and manufacturing projects related to Telecom ,Telephony, Line modems, Computer USB and RS232, peripherals ,2.4Ghz Wireless GSM ,Power supply ,Battery Chargers/ recharges, White LED displays and lights, Infra RED ,Motion detectors (IR, magnetic, and more) ,Remote controls ,Power and climate controllers, Temperature and pressure detectors, Capacitance detectors

Electronic Manufacturing Service

Electronics design forms the heart of most modern products. Innovation, features, flexibility, compatibility and cost are the main keys for success. Whether stage you are with your design, if it's only an idea, or a detailed specifications, we can turn your idea or specifications into a design and the design into a product and the product into reality and production. We provide Full-Service Design from idea to mass production from Start to Finish.

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